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    EV Charge Station Installation

    Most electric cars can be recharged from domestic wall sockets with many supporting faster charging at higher voltages & currents that require dedicated equipment with specialized connectors, or more convenient charging w/out a physical connection (inductive charging).

    Commercial electric car charging stations are dual Level 2(240V/30A) units charging two plug-in electric vehicles (EV's) simultaneously, making it a cost-effective to purchase and install.

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      Professional Installation

      Easy to set up, gets you started quickly

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      Become a Eco-Friendly Company

      Impress customers, vendors and partners.

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      Sustainability + Tax Credit Eligible

      $2,000 for individuals/$50,000 for businesses

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      Charging Station Manufacturers

      Let us assist in multi-location installations.

    Level I & II Charge station Installation

    Did you know US electricity is 12 cents per kWh, however "fuel" costs are about a quarter as much—why not drop your yearly fuel bill from about $1,400 to $350. We install charging stations for Electric Vehicle users allowing you to fulfill sustainability goals and  satisfy employee demand for workplace charging.

    Tenants, Clients & Customers

    • Easy as traditional fueling
      Touch screen interface guides the user.

    Jay Marks - PowerCo Electric car charging stations are dual (240V/30A) units charging two plug-in electric vehicles (EV's) simultaneously.